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People are injured in accidents nationwide every year in different places like their home, at the workplace, in vehicles, or in a public place. A lot of the times, there is someone else who may have been responsible for the accident. If negligence can be proven against the person (or company) then the injured party is entitled to 100 percent compensation.

As expert and experienced solicitors, we know that personal injury law is complex. From our free initial advice to answering any questions you may have with jargon-free language, we make the whole claiming process as easy as possible for you. At 100% Claims, we work for you when dealing with insurance companies and will always effectively encourage them to consider your personal circumstances for a better outcome.

our claim areas

Road Traffic Accidents

Any road traffic accident in the UK can be a life changing and drastic event where it may include buses, cars, motorbikes, trucks, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.  More about this claim

Accidents at Work

An accident at work where an injury has followed can be unfortunate and does happen quite often. Get free legal advice to enquire about an injury at work compensation. More about this claim

Slips, Trips & Falls

A slip, trip or a fall is more common in a public place or at work. It is not always straight forward to establish who is responsible for a neglected area, but we do find out. More about this claim

Motorbike Accidents

A motorbike crash, whether from a diesel spill or not, can end in catastrophic injuries. Brain and spinal cord injuries are not unheard of in motorbike accident claims. More about this claim

Holiday Claims

Holidays are something a lot of people look forward to and a lot of the times it is great. However, sometimes things do go wrong and someone suffers a personal injury. More about this claim

Sports Injuries

Have you been injured by a dangerous tackle, deliberate assault, dangerous conditions or defective sports gear? We have successfully won claims for athletes and sports people. More about this claim

Military Claims

The law surrounding the Armed Forces is subject to different legislations and can change quite frequently. We have military specialist solicitors who can advise fittingly. More about this claim

Public Liability

An injury from an accident on a public property can be subject to compensation from a public liability insurance which is arranged to protect the members of the public. More about this claim

specialist claims

Medical Negligence

A breach of duty by health care professionals can have devastating impact on your health. If are a victim of medical negligence then we can help to claims for damages. More about this claim

Dental Negligence

A dental treatment or surgery is organised to help you to get your teeth into a better condition. Suffering an injury directly from a treatment may be dental malpractice. More about this claim

Birth Negligence

Sustained an injury during birth or even pregnancy?  What about your baby? Did the labour go according to plan? Talk to our experienced birth negligence solicitor for help. More about this claim

Asbestos Claims

Asbestos related diseases, where you may have been exposed to asbestos or asbestos fibres, need careful and extensive case evaluation by a specialist solicitor. More about this claim

Hearing Loss

We rely on our ears to listen to things we often take for granted. Only when we are hit by a hearing loss, can we appreciate how much we miss hearing things, like birds singing. More about this claim

Repetitive Strain Injury

Your hands and wrists can be affected by repetitive strain injury and can be caused by poor posture or overuse. Other limbs can be affected such as the neck, elbows and arms. More about this claim

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