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It is horrible when you fall ill whilst on your holiday. It can ruin your holiday and those who are with you. For some, it can leave you with a health problem that can affect you now or even develop later after the holiday.

Some people who fall ill may have had their holiday ruined by the hotel in some way. If the hotel lacked the expected standard in care and not taken the necessary precautions to protect you, then a compensation claim can be submitted against the tour operator who supplied the holiday.

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 covers many parts of a package holiday booked through a UK travel agent. It includes things like transport delays, food contamination, accommodation issues, and lack of facilities.

Our experience in travel and holiday claims allows us to quickly assess your situation and enables us to explain the implications of your case to you. We recommend that you contact us early for legal advice to find out what caused your illness. It will reduce loss of evidence over time and ensure you have the best possible benefit for a holiday claim.

It is said that air is usually the fastest form of travel to arrive at a long distance destination. Statistics prove that air travel has an excellent safety record and with new advances in technology and pilot training, further improvements are expected. Yet, accidents do happen and we are here to offer legal advice with your best interests at heart. Our solicitors can advise whether you have a valid claim for air travel compensation.

If you have suffered an injury at an airport or during a flight, we have specialist aviation solicitors who can support you to prepare a strong case for your injury. All cases of air travel are considered, so if you were a passenger of a light aircraft, helicopter or even a private jet, we can seek redress for you. Our knowledge of the travel industry means that we are primed to always champion for your cause and negotiate the maximum possible compensation.

If you are not sure about your claim for air travel injury, then we can provide a free initial legal advice so that you can make an informed decision. For most claims we offer our no win no fee arrangement so that you do not have anything to lose. Contact us by phone, our online contact form or simply complete a claim form to find out if you are entitled to 100% compensation.

Caught a sickness bug on your holiday?