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Our Industrial Disease Compensation solicitors are ready to have a chat if you feel that you have been neglected at work or during work periods. The initial consultation is FREE. We can help to confirm if your illness has developed from work and whether you can claim 100% compensation.

Industrial Disease Clarification

So what is Industrial Disease? It is an illness that a worker has developed at work whilst doing their normal tasks. Work is different for everyone so predictably the illnesses will vary quite broadly. We have had employees claim compensation for skin conditions, hearing loss, lung issues and cancer.

How does Industrial Disease happen? Your employer at work is legally obliged to put in place equipment or procedures to protect employees from environmental factors that may be harmful, e.g. fumes, noise, dust. There are many features and processes available for each industry, for example a noisy environment should have access to ear defenders to protect from noise. Failure by the employer to safeguard people in the advised manner can expose employees (or visitors) to acquire industrial diseases.

Do you feel that you have got an illness because you have been neglected by your employer?

We can help determine whether you have a valid Industrial Disease claim.

What will happen if I claim for Industrial Disease compensation?

You have contracted an illness working in unsuitable conditions which was not yours but your employer’s fault. It is time for the responsibility to be upheld and to answer for the unnecessary suffering caused. This is important as you may, where possible, prevent others from experiencing the same fate as you and initiate your employer to escape from further claims for Industrial Disease compensation.

Those who performed their duties in unsafe working conditions in the 1950s, 60s and 70s are still coming forward with hearing loss and asbestos related claims and gaining their due compensation.

Your actions to instruct us for 100% compensation for your unfair illness can provide support with the costs of any treatment, equipment and medications that you may require. The awarded damages are intended to try and get much of your life back to the condition it was before the illness. Give us a call on 0800 612 7735, free of charge to discuss your Industrial Disease claim or complete our online form if you prefer.