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Medical Negligence Claims

A lot of trust is placed in the hands of medical professionals who treat us, whether it is a dentist, a nurse or a GP doctor. We go to them for medical advice, treatment or a surgical procedure. Medical experts are bound by a medical code of ethics to care for you and not harm you through a set of principles. However, it is unfortunate that negligence still does occur during medical procedures and may cause injury, pain or suffering.

Was your treatment provided in an NHS hospital?

The NHS trust is responsible for that hospital and will be held liable rather than the individual medical professional involved.

Have you been injured from a medical malpractice? 100% Claims solicitors are here to help you to get the answers you need and the compensation you deserve. We know the general difference medical negligence can make to your life and will get to know more about your circumstances to understand the extent of your grievances. This will have an impact to the settlement amount you are awarded.

At 100% Claims, we have certain areas which we specialise in for negligent medical practice including the more exceptional claims. They include cosmetic surgery injuries, birth issues, orthopaedic injuries, cancer related problems and medical misdiagnosis. Our qualified experts are able to accumulate the necessary information by collaborating with other professionals to support and provide the best care for you. We want you to have the best quality of life that is possible for you.

The solicitor will advise you of initial investigations which are required to decide if your claim is likely to succeed. It will take a little longer depending upon the circumstances and the type of your case. Often, witness statements and medical records are acquired to prepare for your case.

When you choose us, a qualified expert will contact you for a free initial consultation. All the relevant information will be made explicitly clear to you so that you can make the best decision about your medical negligence claim. So whatever medical errors you have experienced, you can talk about any worries you have, no matter how small, and we will strive to get the 100% compensation you deserve.

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