5 Tips On How To Avoid Road Accidents

Road traffic accidents are not pleasant and are normally unexpected damaging events which can cause injuries or death. These accidents can be in various forms, for example two cars, a truck and a cyclist, a bus and a motorbike, or a van and a pedestrian, and so on.

Road accidents end with varying levels of severity. One may observe many deaths, serious injuries or extensive damage to vehicles, but in some cases you may only find minor bumps, scratch wounds or soft tissue injuries.

A victim of an accident on the road can instruct a personal injury solicitor to claim compensation and regain losses. Where an incident is a hit and run type, then an experienced solicitor can work with police and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to bring some form of justice for the victims.

As you may be aware by now, road accidents do not end well. So, the best thing to do is to avoid it in the first place. We list five tips below to help you prevent a road traffic accident from happening.

1. Be Sensible

Driving on the road you soon notice that there are other road users. Be mindful of them and maintain a positive attitude. Be attentive of where you are heading and try not to lose your thoughts. It is quite easy to deeply think about something and not realise that you have drifted from your lane and knocked a motorcyclist over. If you do frequently drive and have a lot on your mind, take a companion with you who is able to keep you in check.

There are many things that happen in our lives and can prompt us to think thoughtfully while we drive. The risk of losing focus of our driving becomes much higher and is not always evident to a casual observer.

Imagine a father on the way to hospital after learning that his baby’s health is declining after birth. He may well seem composed, but inside he may be emotionally in turmoil and not really able to concentrate on the road. A passenger could notice that the driving is irregular and may call on the driver to slow down or advise to stop and perhaps change drivers.

In the case of no passengers in the car to distract the driver, then the chances of an accident is likely to increase. It is important to adapt a sense of being conscious of your driving so that it becomes second nature to drive in a sensible manner.

2. Keep The Car In Good Order

Cars do break down or develop a fault and it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Car faults can be the cause of road accidents and you cannot predict when or what may happen if you leave a car defective. Routinely check your engine oil, brakes, brake fluids, coolant levels and tyres to keep your car in utmost condition. It does not take a lot of time to do these repetitive checks and it may save you from an accident.

3. Learn Good Driving Habits

Generally, many young drivers like to drive in a fun manner, but to experienced drivers it is considered as reckless and careless. Also, on the road you may see underage youngsters driving irresponsibly, often with their parent’s permission. These types of bad driving habits are usually the cause of accidents on the road.

There are many cases of bad driving behaviour that ends in disaster. Not too long ago, a teenage girl went out with her friends and was supposed to be dropped off later at her parent’s house. Unfortunately, her parents received a phone call informing that their child was involved in a road accident. They went to the location of the incident and found their daughter dead surrounded by alcohol cans and bottles in the car. The police later notified them that the driver had been drunk and driving erratically which caused him to lose control and crash the car.

There are still lots of accidents happening because of those that drink and drive, especially during festive periods like Christmas and regular festivals. Learn to drive with good habits so that there are fewer casualties on the road. Take a taxi if you have to drink rather than having to be the cause of a death.

4. Keep to Speed Limits and Follow the Law of the Road

Frankly speaking, every driver in the world knows that we have traffic laws that we should follow. In the UK, we have the Highway Code that governs the way we drive. However, some people appear not to know or simply just disregard aspects of the Highway Code. There are drivers that would go through on red traffic lights signal, speed over the speed limits, and some misinterpret road signs and drive the wrong way.

Head-on collisions are often the result of people not following the traffic laws and when they speed as well, the chances of survival are not good as the impact is much larger. It not only affects the drivers but also other road users as well, such as pedestrians.

The implementation of traffic laws are usually done after comprehensive studies and research are carried out to prove they increase the safety of people on the roads. Even the set speed limits are intended for safer driving so it is wise to keep to them and follow traffic laws to keep safe.

5. Concentrate On The Road

Did you know that a woman was caught in the morning having a bowl of cereal whilst driving to work? Yes, that’s right she was eating her breakfast on the road. It is ridiculous, yet it is becoming a frequent occurrence for people to perform their morning tasks whilst driving.

With traffic building up every year, people are finding that the days are not long enough to fit in their usual tasks. Hence, many have reverted to carrying out ‘trivial’ tasks in the car. Drivers have been caught brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, applying make-up, knotting a tie and so on, all whilst driving.

These practices are bad driving habits that need to be avoided. Each second on the road whilst driving is crucial as you never know what may happen at that very moment in time when you are distracted. Concentrate on the road and think that you may have just prevented a road accident.

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