Appeal for business crime reforms

To prevent business crimes such as money laundering, fraudulent claims and tax evasion, the attorney general proposes a ‘culture of corporate responsibility’. He wants it to be applied from the boardroom down to the crimes that have not been tackled effectively.

Attorney general, Jeremy Wright suggests that both companies and individuals should be held accountable and responsible for their actions.

The intentions of the government actions are to promote a culture of corporate responsibility as well as taking legal actions against those breaching the law. The concern is to reduce the act of reacting to issues and become proactive in measures to combat known threats.

Ministry of Justice has already, earlier this year, made known of its plan to expand the failure to prevent crimes to include money laundering, fraud within the tax avoidance and bribery offences. Jeremy Wright confirms the plans are being prepared in the near future.

At present, according to the attorney general, the Bribery Act had made many prosecutions within businesses which appear to promote better control of failure to prevent crimes. It is likely that more additional crimes will be included for an improved authority.

The driving reason for this was to make prosecutions that will explicitly determine liability whether a corporate or an individual. Under the prevailing guidelines it has not always been easy or even possible in some cases.

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