use an injury solicitor

It is important to seek proper legal representation for your injury claim. The complexities of a case vary greatly from case to case and require familiarity in law procedures. The law system is adversarial and will require expert preparation to conduct an effective case with all the necessary evidence and arguments.

There is an expectation for insurers to try and settle compensation claims for less. At 100% Claims we are aware of what is a fair amount and have already won settlements that are often much higher than the original compensation offered. This is where our advocacy experience and vast legal knowledge is useful to counteract the insurer’s proposals at an advantage for our clients.

why make a claim

Loss of Income

Support to regain your financial position before the awful accident.

Pain & Suffering

Compensation for the effects of the injury that was not your fault.

Related Expenses

Cover the ongoing costs to treat, care and rehabilitate you back to form.

help with 100% compensation claims

To prepare your injury claim, we will need the following details:

  • When, where and how the accident happened
  • The injuries sustained, any medical diagnosis and treatment given
  • Details of any witnesses
  • If you have a legal expenses insurance policy or are a trade union member

It may be necessary to provide some or all of the following to help substantiate your claim:

  • Proof of loss of earnings
  • Other financial expenses incurred because of your injury
  • Insurance policies you may have
  • Evidence to support your claim e.g. photographs
  • Documents that can prove your condition prior to accident

Don’t worry if you do not have some of the listed items. Our solicitors will talk through other options and still present a case.

Liability is when someone is responsible for something or at fault. When a solicitor establishes liability, there are three factors that need to be proven.

  • The third party had a duty of care
  • Breach from duty of care
  • Injury or damage from that breach

Often, determining liability for an injury can be difficult, but the main point is whether someone was negligent. This is not always straight forward as saying the person who caused the accident or injury must pay. Please ask for legal advice, as a solicitor will have to determine who was legally liable or at fault and is not necessary the person you assume.

If you have sustained an injury from an accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation even if were under 18. Your parent or someone else who is over 18 can act as your litigation friend to submit a claim.

However, you can claim yourself once you turn 18. You will have up to three years to make the claim once you are 18.

We would like to tell you that all our claims settle in a few weeks. This is true for many of our straightforward road traffic accident claims. However, each case is different and will need work adapted to match the level of complexities involved.  This can take time and is expected of us to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

So, the fact is we are unable to give a true estimated time for your claim to complete, because if we do, then we are setting ourselves up to fail. Furthermore, our instilled work ethics will not allow that. What we do promise is that we will do our best to settle for compensation in the shortest time possible.

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