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If you are fortunate, a claim for an injury may be something you never do. However, when dreadful things do happen and you suffer from an injury which was not your fault, you can find out if a claim for compensation can be made. If you have a valid claim, we will help represent your case and win a settlement amount for your injury and losses.

The process for an injury claim can be complex with many factors to consider. As solicitors, we will take care of it so that you can get on with your life. We understand that some people would like to know what the process is for their claim. As each claim is completed on an individual basis, we offer a general idea of what happens to an injury claim.

  • Stage 1

    submit your injury claim

    An injury claim can be submitted through our online claim form, via email or phone. Please ensure that all the details given are correct as possible in order for us to accurately establish negligence and whether you have a valid claim.

  • Stage 2

    review your injury case

    Once the claim has deem eligible for compensation, a legal expert will contact you to go over the details and obtain all other essential information. At this point the solicitor will discuss the extent of your injury and the impact on you.

  • Stage 3

    first recognition

    By this time the injury solicitor will formally submit your case and notify the third party of your injury and the cause of it. A medical expert will be appointed to examine your injuries and file a medical report. Any losses and expenses will be noted and added to your file.

  • Stage 4

    acceptance and negotiation

    Communication will ensue between us and the third party's solicitors. If liability is accepted, then there will be negotiation to settle for the maximum compensation. However, a disputed claim usually leads to an out of court settlement, or in some rare cases, an agreement in court.

  • Stage 5

    win win situation

    Once compensation has been awarded, we will inform you of the settlement figure. Once you accept the amount, you will receive the 100% compensation for injury and your losses. Remember, a case could lose and you will not have to pay any fees with our No Win No Fee assurance.

At 100% Claims we usually provide regular updates to our clients so that they are aware of their claim’s status. If you have any questions regarding a claim or about the claims process, then contact us online or give us a call on 0800 612 7735.

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100% Claims has really helped us to get our compensation. The friendly staff along with the incredibly easy way to claim ensured that our worries were eased.

Amanda Seyfried
Manchester, UK

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