our approach

100% Claims approaches each injury claim professionally and acknowledges individuality of each victim. We understand that each of our claimants experiences and is impacted by an injury in a unique way. We believe a solicitors firm should be more than a legal front. We put ourselves in the perspective of our clients; align our methods with their needs, and work with other professionals to achieve the very best outcome. This builds on our reputation as a people’s company.

Knowing how a claimant is living with their injury after an accident can better help to take into account how their needs can be met through specialist equipment.

As a whole the right approach is essential for the success of our firm in building good relationships with people. We know that in order to continue any rapport, there must clarity and transparency in the way we work. This allows a certain richness to the ties built with our clients.

100% compensation

We like to let our clients know when things that affect them change. 100% Claims always makes it clear that the full 100% compensation is awarded for an injury. Even when the law changed in April 2013, where solicitors were able to deduct up to 25% of the compensation amount to cover their fees, we continued with 100% compensations. So rest assured, the full amount is always paid out.

Will I have to pay?

Each claim is taken on under our no win no fee agreement, also known as conditional fee agreement. What this means to you is that there are no fees for you to pay whether the claim is won or lost. An insurance that we arrange on your behalf will cover the unlikely risk of an injury case being unsuccessful. We say unlikely, as we advise you beforehand if your situation is not likely to win and may decline to take it further to avoid any costs to you.

How can this happen?

It does make some people wonder if we are either doing 100% claims for free or if there is a catch. Well, there is no catch. Sure we earn our money from completing 100% injury claims and it is definitely not done for free. However, this is paid by the insurers in the same way as other solicitors. Now, the difference here is that we do not deduct from your settlement as well. As a nationwide service, we rely more on the long term gains from the many satisfied clients we have who continue to use us and help to expand our clientèle base.

Full 100% Compensation

We guarantee the full 100% compensation for your injury and believe what you are awarded is what you should keep.

No Win No Fee Claims

Let us make it real easy for you and put you in a position that benefits you with no worries about paying large bills.

Absolutely No Deductions

We pledge that your accepted compensation award will have no deductions made from it and you keep your payment.

Free Initial Consultation

Our legal experts can help you analyse and assess your situation to see what is your chances of success for compensation.

how can we help you?

Contact us on our FreePhone number 0800 2922182 or submit a claim inquiry online.

100% Claims has really helped us to get our compensation. The friendly staff along with the incredibly easy way to claim ensured that our worries were eased.

Amanda Seyfried
Manchester, UK

Did you know there can be no Fees to pay?