our core values

For a successful solicitors firm, we believe as a fundamental requirement that our clients should recognise us in a positive light. At 100% Claims, we work hard to ensure that each of our clients are cared for and treated respectfully. We go as far as to think and act like associates for a more courteous service. This guarantees our commitment and enhances our achievements in the legal community.

We share our clients’ desires, consider their reality, and align our aims with their goals. We do this so that our clients know that we are in this together and can get their lives back as much as possible. Our core values govern our actions and are sensible declarations of what works predominantly for us.

Integrity & Diversity

We are a company that offers injury compensation services for all victims in various industries.


Our principal long term aim is to provide a service that can be regarded as the very best in the future.

Friendly Staff

Clients must be able to approach staff and discuss their concerns freely for a better outcome.

Privacy and Safety

We shall safeguard and secure your information, and only keep it for as long as legally required.

Quality Services

We are committed to provide a quality service that reflects our aims and maintain our outstanding status.

Innovation Solutions

Look for opportunities to solve problems using a creative approach and to challenge our beliefs.

Continuous Improvements

Keep up to date with the current legislations and take part in training to remain at the forefront.

Operational Excellence

Inform every personnel of our flow of value for the clients and to act pro-actively for a hindrance free service.

how can we help you?

Contact us on our FreePhone number 0800 2922182 or submit a claim inquiry online.

100% Claims has really helped us to get our compensation. The friendly staff along with the incredibly easy way to claim ensured that our worries were eased.

Amanda Seyfried
Manchester, UK

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