the finer skill of claiming

With over 130,000 solicitors practising in the UK, you have a big choice in choosing someone to represent your injury claim. Our online compensation service is designed just for you. We work stringently to a code of conduct just like all registered solicitors under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This is only a part of our winning formula that delivers optimum results to the definitive approval of our clients.

what do you get?

Free pre-claim, no obligation consultation – You can choose to talk to an injury solicitor for a free initial discussion to see if you have a justifiable claim.

A fair 100% compensation – We pride ourselves on still offering our clients their full 100% compensation settlement. We are transparent and give no nasty surprises.

No win no fee arrangement – There are no fees to pay whether a case is successful or not under our no win no fee guarantee. There is nothing to lose when you claim.

Reliable support – Having gone through an accident, we know it can be an anxious time and at every stage of the process, our dedicated team are ready to offer reassurance.

Quick and easy service – We make it simple for you to find the right advice, by allowing you to quickly contact us or submit a compensation claim online.

No deductions – Since April 2013, it is acceptable for solicitors to deduct their success fees from your compensation. We don’t deduct from the settlement you have accepted.

Quality assurance system – Our solicitors work with professional supervision and are up to date with their practice through continuing professional development.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Our solicitors firm has obtained professional indemnity insurance to continue practicing law officially and pay into a compensation fund.

Qualified specialist solicitors – We are an integrated part of Walker Wise Solicitors and have direct access to all our legal and expert teams.

Legal Analysis and Our Experience

Our multi regulatory strategies are an important reason why we are a choice of solicitors, not just for claims but, for other legal problems. The way we think and work is certainly effective in the law industry where we can spot legal problems and analyse them. This is credit to our diverse background, rigorous training and experience. We can understand where everything falls in place according to the many rules and regulations and can apply accordingly to each of our cases. We are able to anticipate many drawbacks in certain circumstances which may catch other experts out. So, rest assured you are in safe hands to submit an injury claim for 100% compensation.

how can we help you?

Contact us on our FreePhone number 0800 2922182 or submit a claim inquiry online.

100% Claims has really helped us to get our compensation. The friendly staff along with the incredibly easy way to claim ensured that our worries were eased.

Amanda Seyfried
Manchester, UK