Compensation paid for mistaken use of picture

Nottingham Post mistakenly identified a soldier as her twin sister. The non-identical sibling was given an apology at the high court in regards to the article published in June 2015. It appeared online on the website controlled by Nottingham Post.

The soldier, Lance Bombardier Kerry-Ann Morris had attended the trial of her sister, Kay-Ann Morris, and her mother. They were sentenced in court for child cruelty and the death of Shanay Walker, daughter of Kay-Ann with the help of the evidence against them by Kerry-Ann.

Kerry-Ann Morris picture was shown in the article and the caption wrongly tags Lance Bombardier as her sister Kay-Ann. Kerry-Ann, who has been involved in an equality and diversity promotion, and represents the military in athletics, had been substantially distressed by this error.

It appears that the article, via the photograph, suggests that Kerry-Ann was tried for child cruelty and for causing the death of her niece. With such a substantial allegation, the soldier was psychologically affected which left her unable to perform her duties to the expected standards.

Libel proceedings were brought against Nottingham Post as Kerry-Ann was not the guilty party and had her good name tarnished in her area of work. She serves her country in the army and since 2012 has been posted in Germany.

The Nottingham Post’s publisher accepted that a mistake was made and had since removed the implicating picture online. On the website, the newspaper then published an official apology indicating the error.

With the assistance of the soldier’s solicitor, compensation has now been agreed between the publisher and Kerry-Ann for the distress caused and the harm to reputation.

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