Back Problems

injury to back claims

100% Claims is aware that an injured back can be very different for each of our clients. A person may only suffer being in pain for a short period of time, whereas somebody else may have a long term incapacity. With over 20 years of experience in managing personal injury in various formats, we can handle your back injury claim and strive to get you the maximum compensation possible.

The back, along with the spine, is made up of many parts. The main structure consists of 24 bones with an array of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and discs. Back pain can be the consequence of damaging any of these body parts, even if it is just a knock with no visible signs of injury.

Common Back Injury

A lot of the back injury claims we deal with are usually people injured at work where they have carried out manual handling. Manual handling at work should only be carried out once a risk assessment has been carried out to minimise the risk of harm. This should be organised by your employer to meet the Health and Safety Executive’s regulations of assessing handling load by:

  • Lifting
  • Loading
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Moving
  • Transferring

Negligence can be proven for a back injury if employers have not trained staff to correctly handle a load or provide the equipment required to comply with the regulations. It is not always clear where the negligence lies and with our expertise in workplace claims, we can advise if you are entitled to compensation. A claim will be made against the Employers’ Liability Insurance which all employers should have by law to protect them from claims.

Types of Back Injury

It is not always easy to pinpoint where a back injury originated from or whether if it is a work related issue. Our expert solicitors will consider your personal circumstances and make the connections to one of three types of back injury you may have. This will then assist with your case to get the outcome you deserve.

This type of injury happens in repetitive labour work in warehouses, and factories. A repetitive task can put a lot of strain on the back as well as other body parts, such as the neck, shoulder and the spine. It could also end in a repetitive strain injury as well. The impact of a repetitive injury is dependent on the method of movement, the physical constraints of an individual, and the level of training provided.

Functioning in positions not normal for your posture for long periods of time can cause back injuries. If you sit uncomfortably at a desk or positioned unnaturally over lengthy tasks and have developed back problems where the line manager has not taken actions to your complaint, you can discuss your claim options with us.

A detached back injury is where the accident was an isolated incident. It can happen at work for that one time and become an injury that needs attention. A negligence case can brought forward if the back injury was not your fault and your employer had no measures in place to protect you from the danger.