Eye Injuries

100% eye injury claims

100% Eye Injury Claims

Your eyes are important to you and research has shown that 86% of people in the UK value their eyesight above other senses. It is a visual system to enable you to see the world. It is a complex and with the use of both eyes working properly, you can do many wonderful things:

View life in vivid colour
Judge speed & distance
Co-ordinate movement
Focus on an object

Despite being amazingly brilliant, the eyes are quite delicate where an eye injury can be serious from a superficially little accident.

What Can An Eye Injury Do?

Fortunately, many injuries to the eye, often caused by a forceful hit or an external irritant, are minor. It can result in victims suffering from eye pain, cuts, scratches, or irritation often with blurry vision. Majority of our eye injury compensation cases normally have the symptoms resolve themselves over time.

However, a minority of our claimants found their eye injury really severe and suffered greatly. Some people lost their eyesight; others have been left with some sort of vision loss. The worst case scenario we have come across is the removal of an eye. The consequences of these injuries can be drastic and are caused by accidents such as:

  • Grit or other small elements
  • Projectiles in car accident
  • Electric shock
  • Contact with dangerous chemicals
  • Impact to head
  • Fire explosion
  • Sporting accident
  • Criminal assault

The circumstances of your eye injury at work or elsewhere will determine the level of compensation you may receive, as well as the severity of the damage. We understand that such an important sense being compromised can be devastating and make your life so much more challenging. Our eye injury experts will present your case effectively to ensure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve for the long term support you need.

Expert Eye Injury Solicitors

What you need may not be clear from the onset. Our personal injury solicitors are experienced in pursuing cases like yours and can deliver the best outcome based on things that you may not have considered. Do you think that you may need a visual aid or some sort of supportive equipment to help you see things like you used to? We instruct medical experts to provide us with information to ensure that you are awarded the most compensation you need.

Laser eye treatment is very popular in this day and age, and with the latest technological advances it has become cheaper and accessible. Many people with problematic eyesight have already had treatment to revive their vision. However, complications do happen during laser eye surgery.

A lot of the ophthalmic treatments are usually carried out to a high standard with the understanding of how precious our vision is and the need to treat with extreme care. Unfortunately, sometimes the service is undeservingly substandard and can cause damage to our eyes during laser surgery where you may suffer one or more of the following:

  • Night vision complications
  • Over or under sight correction
  • Corneal scarring
  • Corneal haze
  • Corneal infection
  • Droopy eye lids
  • Loss of vision (partial or full)

Any issues with your eyes can really trouble you and can make your life distressing. Often, in extreme cases an eye injury leading to vision loss can be catastrophic affecting you and those close to you. Our claims solicitors will fight your negligence case for the 100% compensation that you deserve. Our priority is to achieve the support you need and achieve the highest eye injury compensation amount.

The evolution of the many injury specifics and the varying causes of our completed claims have pushed us to become an extensively competent team in dealing with all types of compensation claims. Whether you were involved in a car accident, an accident at work, or were exposed to dangerous substances, we can help. We will offer legal advice, provide support, estimate the eye injury compensation value and establish who is to blame for your eye injury in order to claim 100% compensation.