Head Impacts

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As professional solicitors in head injury claims, 100% Claims have many years of experience in completing complex personal injury cases that are never the same. A quick initial consultation will weigh up your options and let you know whether you are entitled to claim for compensation. This can be a phone call or if you prefer an email.

Head Injury Types

A head injury is when something causes a trauma and injures the scalp, skull or brain. Externally, it is possible to see the inflicted wound of a head injury where the scalp has been hurt. Other injuries to the head are not always visible and will need to be seen by a medical professional to confirm the result of a physical force with the head. Some symptoms can develop over a period of time and will need close supervision. The three types of head injury are defined as:

An open head injury is where the skull is fractured to the brain. It takes quite a force to cause such an injury but does not automatically comprise of a brain injury.

This head injury is again a force to the head but is not strong enough to cause a fracture or affect the skull’s structure.

Concussion is a more minor and common head injury. Close monitoring is required as the brain could develop in a serious injury.

What Causes a Head Injury?

There are many reasons why you may have a head injury and each case we deal with will have a different outcome due to individual circumstances. A potential claim will investigate how the head injury happened and what caused it to establish accountability. The main causes of a head injury are:

  • Work accidents – falling from a ladder
  • Accidents in a public place – tripping over a substantial kerb
  • Criminal assault – physical confrontation from a member of the public
  • Medical negligence – failure to detect tumours or infections

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It is important that you choose a solicitor who has experience in personal injury and understand the implications of a head injury. Our team of solicitors are qualified, have the familiarity in specialist cases and are monitored by the firm’s partners who have over 20 years of working in the industry. We have already achieved approval in securing for all our clients the maximum 100% compensations to help with their often life changing injuries. To make a difference for your head injury and to get your life back on track, submit a claim for compensation or talk to us.