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Your neck is known as the cervical spine and is the part that links the skull to the torso. It is where the spinal column starts and contains cervical vertebrates. The neck uses these vertebrates to be able move the head with the support of the shoulders and is a flexible part of the body. A neck injury can cause some frustrating problems.


With the neck essential to movement, any injury can have serious consequences and often appear exaggerated. With restrictions to movement of neck, we are aware that balance can be affected where daily tasks can become difficult and painful.

Types of Neck Injury

  • Neck strains
  • Prolapsed discs
  • Partial or full paralysis
  • Muscle or ligament injury

Being a vessel where your nerves travel through between the head and the rest of the body to reach other parts, it is important to understand that a minor impact can affect the flow of nerve signals. This may result in a loss of feeling or in more extreme circumstances it can cause paralysis. The more severe impacts can cause serious fractures which can reduce the spinal cord to a non-functioning state. In cases like these it highly likely that a victim would become a wheelchair user.

In general, the common type of personal injury that people claim compensation for is whiplash. It is a soft tissue injury in the back and neck zones which usually occurs in a road traffic accident. Statistics show that in the UK neck injuries is one of the main reasons people provide for being off sick from work, although it can happen from other situations.

How to make a Neck Injury Claim?

It is not always clear who is at fault or how much you can claim for a neck injury. If you feel that you are not sure that your injury was because of third party’s negligence, then give us a call and we can have a chat. Usually there is a high chance that you can claim, even for a sprained neck compensation, and we can help you in identifying negligence with our experience in successfully winning cases. You could even just submit a claim form for your neck injury and after assessing the details we can contact you to inform you of the outcome, including the neck injury claim amount you may receive.