Patient safety incidents deaths unknown

The legal services manager at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is claiming that the NHS are not sure how many people die from patient safety incidents as the relevant information is not collated properly. Helen Blundell, the manager points out that the study by the National Audit Office suggests that an annual death figure of probably between 2k to 34k could have been prevented inside the NHS from procedural reforms.

Blundell had written a blog referring to the National Audit Office report that found no reporting procedures with real value. Trusts are not clear or transparent in the actions to determine when a comprehensive investigation should be carried out. She implied that one particular Trust facetiously would gauge the level of shock of an incident to warrant further actions.

The legal services manager had reportedly said that “if the NHS were an airline then no-one would ever dare fly”. Imagine if the 34 thousand deaths is true, then that is the equivalent of having five 747 Boeing planes falling from the sky every month. The lower figure of two thousand fatalities is still substantial when you consider you could save 5.9 premature deaths a day.

Ordinarily, no other industry would escape from what would be seen as a public outcry where clients are being killed or injured at such a cruel frequency. Blundell goes further to put forward her intolerance for NHS to continue their disagreeable practice with such high levels of deaths and injury. She wants urgent action taken.

It is a result of this kind of operation which brings a desire to make clear the negligence of the NHS to make a change. It does not help to know from the Department of Health that liabilities of NHS were the biggest debt across the Government, second to nuclear decommissioning. What is the health expenditure actually being spent on if the movement for preventing harm is evidently not working?

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