Personal Injury

Eye Injuries

Your eyes are important to you and research has shown that 86% of people in the UK value their eyesight above other senses. It is a visual system to enable you to

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Nose Injury

A nose injury claim is fairly common. At 100% Claims we have already dealt with many nose incidents and understand how uncomfortable and troublesome it can be. The

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Foot Injury

For a foot injury, we can help you to get 100% compensation. If you are a victim and want to find out whether you have a valid claim for compensation, then we can give you

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Leg Injury

A leg injury can affect your mobility and independence. At 100% Claims, we have seen leg injury claims vary from a small sprain or strain to muscles or ligaments, to broken bones.

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Back Problems

100% Claims is aware that an injured back can be very different for each of our clients. A person may only suffer being in pain for a short period of time, whereas somebody else

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Head Impacts

As professional solicitors in head injury claims, 100% Claims have many years of experience in completing complex personal injury cases that are never the same. A quick

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Neck Injury

Your neck is known as the cervical spine and is the part that links the skull to the torso. It is where the spinal column starts and contains cervical vertebrates. The neck uses

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Amanda Seyfried
Manchester, UK

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