Reality of Holiday Sickness Claims

In recent times, many people in the UK who have returned from a holiday abroad are now more likely to report any problems they have suffered whilst on their vacation. Travel operators are being scrutinised more frequently as increased number of negligence cases are being reported.

Having a huge number of holiday claims being filed by holidaymakers is beginning to cause confusion with who is actually accountable for their suffering or loss. Many inexperienced claim management firms are pushing to get their clients to claim for their sickness or injuries using tactics that are questionable, yet they find that the negligence is misplaced.

Concerns from the NHS

Summer 2016 is the year that food poisoning due to a holiday abroad peaked to a record number for British holidaymakers. As an example, over two hundred of those that had been to the Riviera Maya area in Mexico suffered from an illness. Large figures like this triggered the NHS to recognise holiday illness as a major problem and launched a program to educate travellers to take care in areas with major issues.

Of course, there were other many inclusive package holidays that were affected from outbreaks of sickness and even the major tour operators were not immune. The well recognised First Choice Holidays company had to compensate nearly 600 people who became ill at a holiday resort in Turkey a few years ago. It cost them an amount beyond £1.7 million.

A Fact about Holiday Companies

A lot of the holiday providers will not accept liability for sickness cases as they do not want to pay out. They will deny that it was them that were negligent. Most claims for illnesses contracted during a holiday will be rejected at first by the tour operators. However, with the right expert and experienced solicitor representing your case, you are most likely to gain substantial compensation.

Encouraging Holiday Claims

With a growing numbers of companies that offer holiday related claims to gain compensation, it has been a concern for all tour operators, including Thomson Holidays, as it will eventually have a negative impact on their travel industry.

Not too long ago, it was revealed that 2 dubious claim companies were boosting their business by leading clients to inflate their illnesses to receive a much higher holiday illness compensation. It has also led to commissioning display boards on vans to market on how to make illness claims in prominent holiday locations. The idea seems to be to claim for any slight illness to get compensation which is immoral and possibly dishonest if the symptoms are exaggerated.

Who to trust to make a proper holiday claim?

Primarily the first action to take after an issue on your holiday is to inform your tour operator. Yet, it has been recognised that they will likely to avoid admitting negligence and try to close you down. Tour operators are reluctant to lose money and unfortunately, will escape from their liability where possible.

Even claim management companies are not necessarily right in their approach if they are encouraging false claims and do not have the right experience in travel claims. Can they be really trusted without the backing of a SRA regulated solicitors firm?

The proper representation

Holiday sickness claims are quite time consuming and needs someone who knows about the regulations in the countries that you visit and the impact it can have on your case. Our expert and competent solicitors are dedicated in providing a professional and friendly service. They can give legal advice wherever you need it throughout the claim’s process.

At 100 Percent Claims we offer a No Win No Fee arrangement so that you have nothing to lose and can even assess your holiday details to see if you have a valid claim. As we are a Solicitors Regulation Authority regulated firm, we aim to offer an ethical service and will discuss your matters to see how we can help you. We offer a telephone consultation to start the process or you can use our online claim form for our solicitors to call you.

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