Solicitors Regulation Authority to comply with scheme

Continuing Competence is a new regime for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). It is a learning and development type of rule for solicitors to comply with. The Law Society aims to assist the legal industry with their guidance that they have recently published.

The SRA had introduced the Continuing Competence in April 2015and it replaces the prevailing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan. In preparations for the new requirements of the SRA, the guidance has been presented in the format of frequently asked questions.

The deadline for all solicitors in England and Wales to move to Continuing Competence is 1 November 2016 but if they choose to they can opt in at any time before then.

The Law Society is aiming to provide a hub of information for their members to learn about the new scheme so that they can easily conform to the new regulation. Support is given with all the necessary facts available through webinars, leaflets and a range of events.

What Does This Mean For Solicitors?

Solicitors are no longer required to attend courses under the Continuing Competence scheme and do not have to meet a set number of CPD hours. The arrangement is flexible and can allow most things that meet learning needs to accrue towards the new scheme which is still essential for solicitors with a Practising Certificate.

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