Still waiting for £1m noise compensation

Noise compensation due from Stansted Airport to a farm owner has still not been paid 17 years later because a fuel pump has not been installed.

In 1999, Patrick Streeter won £1m compensation for the noise pollution of planes flying at Stansted Airport which has halved the value of his £2m house. However, he is required to wait until the airport has completed all its work before he is paid out.

The remaining work of installing a fuel pump and painting white lines on a strip of apron is the only thing preventing Mr Streeter’s compensation from being paid out. The airport officials confirm that there is work outstanding before a payment can be made.

Mr Streeter argues that the airport chiefs are exploiting a legal loophole which states that the pay-out needs to be compensated once all the work is complete. He believes that some superfluous work is purposefully being delayed so that he is not paid.

The problem with planes flying over Patrick Streeter’s house has increased where there are now more airborne aircrafts. This is no surprise when you consider that the number of passengers since 1999 has almost tripled this year.

Justified Noise Compensation

As well as the impact from the noise of the aeroplanes flying over, Mr Streeter’s seven bedroom house in Essex shakes badly to the extent where the roof tiles are moved. His house is just 1.5km away from a runway and is exposed to the constant hubbub of the airport.

Mr Streeter’s nephews Will and Tom both run the farm and mainly farm corn and rapeseed across the 1 thousand acres. Tom lives in the affected house with his family and is really annoyed by the situation.

He says that the coffee cups will wobble when sitting in the garden and that the cargos planes are the worst offenders. His children are also affected at night when the air traffic will wake them up in the middle of the night.

It appears that a shrewd solicitor has acknowledged the legal loophole and the airport are taking evasive actions to avoid paying out the entitled noise compensation.

The awarded sum is rightfully indebted to compensate for the negative impact caused to those residing around the airport and Patrick Streeter is now considering legal action to gain his compensation.

A spokesman from Stansted Airport has disclosed the conditions of the case and says that the matter is being examined by the Stansted Airport’s owners.

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