You may be able to use iPhone evidence

Referring to the major improvements to update the justice system, a prominent government person discloses that using iPhone evidence and video hearing to resolve disputes between neighbours might be better than expecting the affected people to attend a court that may be several miles away.

The digital director of HM Courts & Tribunals Service claims that the government could study and absorb from the ombudsman model using the more modern method. From the results it is seen that the lesser cases are mostly resolved quickly and are cost effective by circumventing the fee of hearings.

The digital director, Kevin Gallagher, made the statement in his speech to improve the Justice System through Information Technology at a conference in London. He gave an example of a claim dispute between neighbours about a Leylandii tree where, rather than attending court, iPhone evidence and video hearing can be utilised to quickly resolve the matter.

He goes on to state that family courts should be straightforward as well in using and claiming for certain services, similar to renewing your car tax or completing your tax return online. Kevin Gallagher defined modern technology as the key in several government projects which will reform the way civil and family courts will observe current procedures.

A better future for justice

In the pipeline, there appears to be an online application method with a payment system to be announced in the probate sector which will allow tracking and the ability to manage cases. A similar online arrangement is to be introduced for tribunal users to access various levels of benefits and child support cases.

What appears to be the standard for many areas of life is finally making a difference for justice. Already, Gallagher points out that the new juror summonsing service is productively using modern technology to embrace jurors for their duties.

The impact to the environment will be huge where the huge number of evidence that is usually printed and archived can be reduced. Such progress to digitise the system is laudable in many ways, including the flexibility to search quickly through millions of pages of documents.

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